Beaux Banks On The Male Adult Industry, Twerking, and Meeting the Hustler’s Cast

Larry Stansbury
5 min readSep 25, 2019


Adult Star Beaux Banks knows a thing or two when it comes to twerking like Miley and being a male adult star. I had a chance to talk to him about getting your twerking game on point, being a gay porn star, and meeting the cast of Hustlers:

Can you tell me a little about your background on how you got started in the male adult industry?

BB: To be blunt, like any other job, I hit the apply button in the top right corner of the screen and fill out an application hahaha, but no I put a lot of thought into my decision before hitting that apply button and filling out the application. I knew I had certain goals I wanted to achieve in by entering the adult entertainment industry and I knew I wanted to cultivate and maintain a certain image that would allow me to inspire confidence in others. So I reached out to another gay adult entertainer who I believe is a legend, Boomer Banks. I love the choices he’s made in and outside of his career and how he handled himself and all of the opportunities that had been presented to him in addition to the ones he made for himself along the way.

What was it like doing your first scene?

BB: N E R V O U S!!!!! I think I was more so nervous because I’m a perfectionist and an extremely hard worker so I wanted to make sure that I impressed everyone I worked with. Also, I didn’t want to let boomer down because he was the person who referred me to the first studio I worked with, Cockyboys, and he was my first scene partner!

As someone who is fierce and confident in owning who they are, was it difficult for you growing up and coming out to your family?

BB: Thank you for the kind words and your right I am super confident but for me, it was hard coming out to my family, because again I’m very much a perfectionist and I never want to let anyone down, and in my mind me being gay was letting my family down. In time they’ve grown to accept my sexually, but I’m blessed to say through it all they never stopped loving me.

I noticed while going through your Instagram stories, you’re a performer (fabulous and I hope I can get all of my splits) did you ever performed or did cheerleading?

BB: Thanks! You know the place I feel most comfortable is on stage and in front of people, especially when given an opportunity to perform. I grew up a classically trained dancer and trained for 14 years, so for me, performance is everything!

I watched the Marc MacNamara Interview and he asked you the question about racism in the male adult industry. What were some of the backlash you received after this interview?

BB: Still till this day I receive so much backlash from my comments in that interview and honestly I receive backlash anytime I speak on that topic because it is such a touchy subject. But I won’t stop speaking up on that issue because it’s a conversation that needs to be had, so that we all, including myself can be more aware and educated.

What were some of the challenges you have encountered and the repercussions for being a male adult star?

BB: I try not to focus on the negative, in fact, I don’t even acknowledge it, because I’m too busy working, which for me is the biggest blessing. I’m a very hard worker and have had many opportunities to continue building a successful career for myself.

What are some of the reasons that some men who start in gay porn end up leaving?

BB: This career path is such a personal journey and takes a huge toll on you mentally, which is why I always warn people to be not only physically ready when choosing this career path, but also emotionally and mentally ready. So I don’t know why some may decide to retire or leave the industry. But as they say, all things come to an end.

You are a big twerker, what are some tips to twerk?

BB: The funny thing is I actually learned how to twerk by watching a YouTube tutorial after seeing Miley Cyrus’s 2013 VMA performance. The one tip that I always tell people is that it’s all in the knees!

Last question, YOU MET JLO, KEKE, and Cardi B on their new movie Hustlers, what were they like in person? Did they know who you were?

BB: Omg, that was such a great experience for me! All of the cast, director, and writer of the movie were fabulous to meet and so visually striking. In addition to meeting Jennifer, KeKe, Cardi, Lili Reinheart and Constance Wu were also there and so pleasant! Constance was def the most interactive with everyone. Jlo was so visually striking it was intimidating. Cardi B was very lively as you would expect but also very human and nice and also interactive. She loved my short shorts lol. It was the day before Keke’s birthday so I wished her a happy early birthday and she was also bey sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and can’t wait to see it again once it’s out in theaters September 13th! Make sure y’all go see it, it’s an amazing message, with some inspirational moments about friends, family, and of course, Hustling!

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