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We need to create a new masculinity revolution.

Writing new rules, forgetting everyone’s terms, and challenging the expectations and politics of masculinity.

Make people question the status quo. Be the frontiers to explore and conquer things to make people uncomfortable. Tap into different parts of happiness and experimentation.

We are all multifaceted creatures and our lives should not be determined by our gender.

The world is riddled with toxic masculinity. It’s a man’s world — a toxic one. Men should not be afraid to push the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable.

It’s a toxic culture surrounding what it means to…

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It’s a lot of pressure when you’re the one who’s graduating from college. On the day of graduation, you’re proud of the person you’ve become. You’ve passed all of your classes and requirements. You’ve done the internships of your dreams. You’ve survived getting black out drunk at all the fraternity parties and tailgates. You conquered all the hardships of college life that you thought were tough, but no one tells you about the real world.

Once you graduate from college, you are all on your own. It’s your journey, and it’s up to you to do things for you.


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On social media, we create fractions of ourselves by manifesting accounts filled with snippets of our lives, using captions and photos to show our personalities. I used to think it was much better to be a fraction.

I would construe my personality as a gregarious person. I always had photos of my friends and me at an event, or out at brunch. People would see me as a masculine guy who loves to empower women, who break gender stereotypes, gender, and other related things, but I have my moments when I’m shy and vulnerable.

I could package my thoughts and…

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It was him. We met at the gym when we locked eyes on each other. He flirted with me and I did a little bit of it back, complimenting his toned, muscular body.

I don’t remember the exact day we met. All I remember was him walking in to check in with the front desk. I never felt the adrenaline rushing through my veins before. My heart was racing to its finish line while my upside-down smile turned to a smirk. My cheeks were red as a watermelon and I kept looking back at him. I looked away and looked…

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If there’s one thing that 2020 taught you, you need to take it easy on yourself, especially your mental health, and practice self-love. The world has changed in the last 12 months, and all the unknowns have come at this unprecedented time. Therapists and practitioners’ have sky-rocketed sessions for people to talk about anxiety or depression. You can prioritize time to learn and build a relationship with yourself, especially your body. But what happens when your body harms your mental health? Or the other way around? Well, your body connects with your mind, function properly, activate muscles and feel emotions…

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Many of us are looking for ways to stay healthy, maintain our weight, and have glowing skin. We all are following a well-balanced diet and obtaining nutrients daily can be tricky. That’s why we consider you to try carrot juice.

You’re in for a treat because carrots are one of the best root vegetables, and not only eating the orange-colored food is good for you, but it also tastes sweeter than any green juices. A drink so refreshing, it makes you think of Bugs Bunny from The Looney Tunes. …

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I was a gym fanatic because I used to think the gym was the only place to relieve stress. It was the only place where I put in an all-in-day work — a place where I let all my emotions and thoughts in a set.

I pushed myself out there on the gym floor. I loved the atmosphere of the gym. The different cultures of people, the machines, and the music get me motivated; it was the only place I could get rid of all the toxins from my body. When I was having a bad day, I made sure…

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As more and more coronavirus cases come to rise around the world, it’s hard to keep track of working out. Yes, we have the destiny to get our dream bodies for the hottest season of the year, but that’s such a cliche. Because we are in quarantine right now, we need to take this time we have right now to reflect and accept our bodies.

Many people are insecure about their bodies. Just think about it, when you think of a body-positive icon, you think of Lizzo because she’s the powerhouse singer who owns her curves, or maybe Ashley Graham…

Picture of the author and his close friend.

I did cheerleading my junior year of high school. I remember trying out the second time around and made it to the junior varsity squad. I thought it was everything I planned, however, I realized it wasn’t like the Bring It On movies I adored throughout my childhood.

I remember my first day of practice. The junior varsity squad was practicing with the varsity. We laughed, danced, and performed like we were on the sidelines supporting the football team; asking each other if we wanted to do a jump together; getting our names called, and smiling out to the crowd…

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Listening to “Friends Are Everything,” a song about the value of friendships by Bratz, I found myself reminiscing the memories after hearing the line “And even when the times get tough We’ll make it through with all of us.” We are two months of the coronavirus pandemic and while I’m reflecting back on past memories, I couldn’t help but be more grateful for the strong women in my life.

We live in an anxiety-inducing world where we immerse ourselves in distraction for what’s happening right now in the world. …

Larry Stansbury

I write what matters and give tips on how to be your best self.

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